Most / The Bridge


Most (The Bridge) (2003)
Director: Bobby Garabedian
Writers: Bobby Garabedian (writer), William Zabka (writer)
Genre: Short | Drama
Language: English | Czech
Runtime: 32 min
A poetic and powerful story of a father forced to choose between love and duty. (Со македонски титлови)

Download (руски титлови): Most-TheBridge.torrent (233 MB)

Download (english subtitle):


4 thoughts on “Most / The Bridge

  1. It’s like salt on hurt heart.
    I just thinking the dad & kid.
    all they have love same mind.
    It’s like Fater & Jes.
    son is belong to father
    but this kind of decision is more easier than other case.
    so I’m thinking.
    If I were the bridge man.
    but If the kid was not my son.
    how can I make decision?

    salty is more swety with THE MOST

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